The 9th ASAE international conference


1. Introduction

Asia has experienced remarkable economic growth in the past 4-5 decades. Asian economy accounts for one third of total global economic activity and plays a significant role in the world economy today.  In recent decades, fast growing economy in Asia, particularly in East and Southeast Asia, has been representing the most dynamic region in the world. More than 2.2 billion people in Asia still rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.  Although agricultural GDP and the share of employment in agriculture has declined significantly in some Asian countries, agriculture is still the sector that engages over 700 million workers—about 40% of Asia’s total employment.

Asian is also facing new challenges from disruptive forces such as aging society, rapid urbanization, climate change, and globalization that would require a transformation in agricultural and food sectors. Changes in food diet towards safety, healthy and quality products; changes in preferences for environmental and ethical concerns regarding animal welfare, carbon emission, water consumption, child labor, and fair trade are among transformations in food demand. At the same time, agricultural and food production encounters challenges that requires new technology, farm management and practice, and institutional reform.

These emerging issues require reconsideration of existing economic concepts, theories, and research tools to understand the patterns of economic transformation in agricultural and food sectors. These challenges require academia, researchers, scientists, and practitioners (from public, private, and civil society) to analyze and provide implications and give suggestions towards the achievement of sustainable economy in Asia.   

2. Objectives

This international conference aims to provide a venue by bringing together a good mix of acknowledged policymakers, university researchers, professionals and specialists from development agencies and private industry to share experiences, exchange perspectives, and discuss consequences, emerging issues, and challenges in transforming Asian agricultural and food economy.  Furthermore, it aims to draw up intellectual inputs that can help in shaping agriculture policy design in the region.

3. Dates/Venue:

Dates: 11-13 January 2017

Venue: Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

4. Conference Theme: Transformation in agricultural and food economy in Asia

Paper & poster presentation: under the following sub-themes


- Rural transformation processes in Asia: experiences, lessons learned and Challenges. 
- Food value chain development in the Asian countries.
- Changing consumer behavior.
- Technological innovations in support to agricultural development and agricultural transformation.
- Institutional innovations in support to agricultural development and agricultural/rural transformation.
- Demographic changes: their implications on agricultural production and food consumption. 
- Prospects of Asian agriculture under the regime of AEC and Other trade agreements in the Asia and Pacific region and beyond.
- Agriculture and the sustainable development goals. 
- International cooperation in facilitating agricultural and rural transformation.


5. Involved/Partner Organizations:

Kasetsart University

Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)

Agricultural Economics Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage 


6. Proposed Conference Schedule

One and a half days with optional half day city tour

More information : The 9th ASAE international conference