Department of Agronomy



      "The Department of Agronomy aims develop students’ ability to provide high quality knowledge and skills to the people of Thailand and the world communities"



      1. Provide high quality theory and practice skills for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students to become successful leaders in the world community.

      2. To develop courses in undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs that keep our students skill set modernized, to meet the demands of a competitive global environment.

      3. To produce research in agronomy for both specialized and board applications of agricultural development.

      4. To disseminate our knowledge and agronomy research to farmers and community stakeholders.

      5. To promote and preserve Thai traditions and culture.



        1. To produce students with excellent knowledge, ethics, and morality

        2. Reevaluate the course curriculum for master degrees every 5 years and doctoral degree every 6 years

        3. Update and improve offered courses every 2 years

        4. Complete at least 10 research projects annually

        5. Publish at least 15 peer-reviewed manuscripts or conference proceedings

        6. To training and practicing for our knowledge related to agronomy at least 1 course

        7. Provide at least 240 service hours towards lecturing, advising, and consulting

        8. Have at least two days of celebration dedicated to Thai tradition and i culture annually



        Department of Agriculture Extension and Communication,

        Faculty of agriculture, Kasetsart University

        50 Ngam Wong Wan Rd., Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

        Tel. 02-5793130

        Fax. 02-5798580